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Lifting Up Lives is a 501(c)3 public charity that uses fun group exercise classes and character developing discussions to help women affected by domestic violence build self-esteem and develop supportive relationships with others so they can create lives filled with hope, happiness, and opportunity.

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Optimism - Look on the Bright Side

If you look up the actual definition of optimism you will notice a common theme....hope. Hope keeps one going despite the trials and tribulations of life. If people don't have hope then life can become overwhelming. A perfect example of this is the recent mining incident in Chile. Those miners had to maintain a sense of optimism to survive, particularly during their 17 days of isolation and uncertainty as to whether they would be found. It likely would have been much more difficult, if not impossible to survive had they not kept an optimistic attitude both as individuals and as a group. The same thing holds true for anyone who wants to be happy and successful in life....attitude is everything. Luckily one's attitude is a choice, and those who do well choose more often than not to be optimistic. Regardless of circumstance, because attitude is a choice, one can still be optimistic even in the most challenging situations. However, because no person is an island, surrounding oneself with optimistic and supportive people is key to maintaining an optimistic attitude despite the ups and downs life brings. This doesn't mean one should be naively optimistic, but instead must temper their optimism with an acknowledgment of and appropriate response to reality. Only then can a person display an optimistic attitude without looking foolish.