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Lifting Up Lives is a 501(c)3 public charity that uses fun group exercise classes and character developing discussions to help women affected by domestic violence build self-esteem and develop supportive relationships with others so they can create lives filled with hope, happiness, and opportunity.

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Plan to Succeed - It's Your Choice

Many spend much time deciding upon goals only to drop the ball when it comes to planning how they will accomplish them.  Without a plan goals are nothing more than wishful ideas that give one nice feelings, but in reality will never get beyond the idea phase.  To get beyond this idea phase one must have a plan, which is much easier said than done. 

While there are a fair number of people who have goals of some type, very few of them have any type of plan for how they are going to accomplish these goals.  The often used cliche is true, failing to plan is planning to fail.  Whether one realizes it or not they have a plan, either to fail or to succeed.

Why is it that so few people create a plan to reach their goals? 

First and foremost, planning is difficult work.  One is dealing with a number of uncertainties when creating a plan, and everyone knows how much people like this.  People avoid and resist most anything that involves the uncertainty, typically out of fear.  One doesn't need to look much further to then understand why planning gets neglected.....people tend to dislike hard work and things that create fear.  This is also why so few people ever accomplish even a little bit of what they are capable of.  It's a vicious cycle, no plan because it's too hard and uncertain leading to unmet goals,  unfulfilled dreams and an ordinary life running from one temporary fix to the next in search of a way to mask the deep seated pain that comes from a failure to pursue their true calling.

Although it may seem like a paradox, planning, difficult as it may be, actually gives one more certainty if it's done with the realization that plans change over time.  The key is having some kind of plan that is specific, realistic, time based, and outcome oriented.  The details are very important as there is a large difference between actions and outcomes, both must be involved, however the measure of progress and success must be tied to outcomes not actions.  One can 'do' things all day long, but if there are no tangible outcomes associated with this doing it is nothing more than time wasting activity.

Now the take home points.....a plan is nothing more than a set of intermediate smaller goals that are associated with specific outcome oriented actions that are tied to a time schedule.  A plan is not set in stone, it is meant to be dynamic with the ability to be changed as circumstances dictate.  The key is having a plan of some type that is workable for you based on your goals, situation and capabilities.  Everyone has plan, whether they know it or not, it's either one directed toward success or toward failure, it's a choice.....choose wisely.