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Lifting Up Lives is a 501(c)3 public charity that uses fun group exercise classes and character developing discussions to help women affected by domestic violence build self-esteem and develop supportive relationships with others so they can create lives filled with hope, happiness, and opportunity.

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Dare to Discipline Yourself

Many times, when one hears the word discipline, negative thoughts come to mind.  In reality, however, it's a positive quality.  Without discipline life becomes a haphazard mess of random actions that are many times only self-serving, leading to restlessness, discontent and ultimately chaos.  Structure and order is necessary and essential for people to not only survive, but also to thrive.

The recent mining incident in Chile is a perfect example of this.  Had the miners not immediately come up with and implemented some form of discipline and order they would have died.  Granted, there was no other good alternative, but it still illustrates the human need for discipline.  Without discipline, clearly most people would not last long when getting only 2 teaspoons of tuna, a biscuit and a bit of water and milk every 48 hours.

This same idea of self-control, through training oneself in certain habits of behavior that produce a specific character, applies to everyone regardless of the situation.  Look at any highly successful individual or organization and you will find that structure and relentless disciplined behavior are the cornerstones of what brought them to where they are.  This is not to say that every aspect of every one of these individuals or organizations is perfectly disciplined or structured.  However, what it is saying, and what one will find is that the degree to which one is disciplined in an area will directly correlate to the level of productivity and success they have in that same area.

That being said, the first step in developing discipline is to understand what is meant by the term and then to make a decision to begin creating discipline in one's life.  When good habits, routines, and systems of doing things are developed stress levels go down and quality of outcome goes up.  This applies in all areas, whether in relationships, work, health, fitness or anything else.  To do this, however, requires a goal and a plan that is supported at some level by a community of others.  Hence the reason our 12 week program began with community, goals and planning.  Each of these areas, along with discipline fall under our core value of Commitment.

With that said, in order to find success in our program or in life there must be a realization by the individual that everything is a process and if one has discipline in following and doing the right things their goals will come to fruition in due time.  However, to successfully implement discipline one needs, as stated earlier, a goal and a plan along with the support of a community that can help one stay disciplined whether it be convenient or inconvenient.  This then leads to the building of character through self-control, ultimately resulting in self-realization and success which produces peace and happiness.