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Lifting Up Lives is a 501(c)3 public charity that uses fun group exercise classes and character developing discussions to help women affected by domestic violence build self-esteem and develop supportive relationships with others so they can create lives filled with hope, happiness, and opportunity.

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Dancing, Stetching and Building Characteristics of Success

This past Monday Alicia put us through an ever challenging and fun Zuumba workout and even got me up in front as the so called "model student"....hardly....but I can hang with the ladies despite my natural inability to properly move one's hips while was fun though and always is! At the end we did a body awareness activity and discussed the role self-esteem plays in successes whether they be in fitness or in life.

Wednesday we focused more on a whole variety of active stretches and stress opposed to last weeks more intense Wed. workout.. Afterwords we had a discussion about commitment, what it means and how it plays an essential role in achieving the outcomes wanted regardless of the area of life.

We are going to begin posting quotes related to various character qualities and actions via stay up-to-date and inspired by following us on twitter....see the side-bar to the right.....